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Start off the New Year with an evening of Embracing the Divine Feminine.

Join these Beautiful Sound Healers of Victoria as they take you on a Deep Sound Ceremony to align and purify your energetic system flowing through your Earthen body. Your system will go deep into the Roots of the Earth while connecting to the Vastness of the Cosmos.

Sound Healers:

Tanya Devine

Devine Didjeridu interweaves the vibrations of Australian Didjeridu's, Crystal Singing Bowls, a Steel Tongue Drum, and a Medicine Drum creating a safe deep space for you to dive into through sound and ceremony. Allow yourself to be guided into the deep of space, of ocean, of fire and earth. Journey with the Stars, the jellyfish, the Eagles, the lava and the roots that connect us all~

Your system will feel physically and spiritually, re aligned, clear and in tune.

Tanya has been walking her medicine path in complete surrender to the healing vibrations and guidance of the Ancient Spirit of the Didjeridu. She carries a number of Authentic Australian Didjeridu's, including one for each of the lower Chakra Frequencies, and has been guided to help move energy through the system with the low vibrational instrument being played over ones body.

Astaria Light

Light of Sound offers sound as vibrational medicine for empowering self healing, awakening truth, and connecting with the heart. Astaria is a harmonic energy artist, certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Medicine Practitioner, and trained Counsellor. She intuitively facilitates sound healing sessions for individuals, groups, and special events, utilizing a variety of instruments such as: flute, piano, medicine drums, crystal bowls, crystal pyramid, voice, chimes and many more. Her mission is to share healing music for the purpose of raising our vibration into harmonic resonance with the highest good.

Ocian Flo

Ocian is the founder of SoundSeed Medicine Journeys. As a certified sound practitioner, reiki master, energy artist, Ocian works in both groups and one-on-one, diving deep into sound, the benefits and the profound experiences within this shamanic journey. She is a visionary, spiritual activist and uses Sound Medicine as a branch of energy work. Using beautiful vocal toning and crystal singing bowl frequencies, she works to find balance in the emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies. She practices claraudience and channels the ancient Harmonic Language which is used to bring remembrance to the power of Self-Awareness.

Please bring a mat pillow and blanket if desired, as this will be a soft light and candle lit event and we want you to be cozy

If your preference is to sit please bring your cusion (chairs are avail on site)

Cost: $25

Please register to Tanya Devine at to hold your spot

or check event page or contact Tanya the day of to see if there is any spots avail for drop in

**Prepayment is available via etransfer to the above email address

Astaria Light

Ocian Flo

Tanya Devine

Sound of the divine feminine

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