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The use of an Authentic Yidaki (didjeridu) made by David Blanasi

from Northern Australia in the 1970's, allows for the

deep energies of 432hz sacral frequency

& ancient ancestors to be called upon for these healing journeys

Tanya travelled to Northern Australia in 2011 to return the sacred instrument she carries back to the land it was made.

She followed the calling of these ancestors

and was guided to take this blessing back to Canada

In 2015 she was gifted 2 more Didjeridu's, one for the Root

& one for the Heart

First visions came from Uluru
Waipio Valley Hawaii 2017
Playing in Seattle with Yaima
Sombrio Beach 2018
Mt Shasta Event 2016
Blessed Coast Festival 2017
A collection of Sound
Redwood Forest, Ca 2016
Solace Sound Studio 2014
Walking down the Aisle at a Wedding
Playing before Ash Grunwald 2012
Uluru visit 2011
Ceremony and Sound Vibration
Wedding Performance
The Journey Continues
Taking Sound to the Moon
Always venturing into Nature
Sound Healing in Gardens
Playing with the Eagles
C# vibrations with deep bass drum
Where land meets Ocean
Earthy vibrations
Journeying together
Beach offering in Victoria
Beach offering
Vibrating the Redwood Forest
At one with water and earth
Serpent Didj at Cougar Hotsprings
Cougar Hotsprings 2016
Karma Yoga Event 2016
Karma Yoga Event Vancouver BC
Heart Blast in Mendocino, Ca
2011 Salt Spring Island
Uluru Trek
Uluru- The Heart
Pure Love
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