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About Tanya Devine

Didjeridu Sound Healing?

The Didjeridu is an Ancient Musical Wind Instrument and a powerful tool that can help lift an individual's Vibration back to a less chaotic and Natural Rhythm,

it does this by producing a broad range

of Harmonics in an

Ancient and Universal Tone

Didjeridu Healing is also called

Vibrational Healing.

The end of the didjeridu is placed close to the body and the recipient can feel the Vibrations which are caused by the Low Frequency Sound of the Didjeridu. This vibration assists with Harmonizing one's Energy and Clearing of Energetic and Emotional Stagnation. can help dissipate tensions, stress and negative energies stuck anywhere in the body.

Sound Therapy is based on the theory that all life vibrates at various frequencies and specifically the human body has multiple vibrational frequencies that can slip "out of tune" due to emotional or energetic stagnation. When these frequencies are "out of tune" they can lead to physical and emotional health issues.

Tanya Devine resides in Victoria, BC,

She's been playing the Didjeridu since 2006 and after travelling to Northern Australia in 2011, to return a ceremonial Didjeridu to its original origins, which was then gifted back to her by the Blansai family to carry it's medicine, she fell into the rhythm of performing and

offering energetic balancing over people.

The instrument she was gifted back, holds a powerful presence and brings up deep earth energy with an ancient spirit that is felt by all who are blessed to lay at the receiving end

of its medicine.

Within these years walking the medicine path of Sound, more instruments have come

to be a part of the Journey she offers... including more Australian Didjeridus for

each of the lower Chakras,

a Rav Vast Steel Tongue Drum,

Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls,

a Medicine Seal Skin Drum, a Bull Roarer, Chimes and more..

Tanya also runs an Earth Care business

'Sage Garden Design'.

Creating with Earth & Sound are her Passions

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