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Sacred Sounds of the Heart

Come open your hearts with an elixir of Cacao and the music of Sadhu Prem and Tanya Devine as they interweave an evening of Sacred Sound Medicine through Kirtan, Mantra & Sound Healing

Sadhu Prem is a yogi, teacher, artist, singer, songwriter.
Upon hearing his first Sanskrit mantra it ignited something deep within his heart. Intuitively his soul knew it was a medicine he was yearning for. He immersed himself in the vibration of the mantras and the yogic teachings.
Eventually he traveled to India and met his guru Paramahamsa
Prajnananandaji. He continued his journey learning sacred songs and prayers from healers, shamans and a variety of spiritual traditions around the world. With his musical and creative background, kirtan, mantra and sacred song naturally became a foundational pillar in his spiritual journey.
Through the chants, songs, stories and meditations he spreads a message love, peace, unity & freedom.

Tanya Devine has been walking her medicine path in complete surrender to the healing vibrations and guidance of the Ancient Spirit of the Didjeridu. She carries a number of Authentic Australian Didjeridu's, including one for each of the lower Chakra Frequencies, and has been guided to help move energy through the system with the low vibrational instrument being played over ones body.

Within these years walking the medicine path of Sound, more instruments have come to be a part of the Journey she offers... including more Australian Didjeridus for each of the lower Chakras, A RavVast Steel Tongue Drum, Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, A Medicine Seal Skin Drum, A Bull Roarer, Chimes and more..

Vancouver - March 9th - $30 - Mystical Manor - 4634 West 2nd Ave

Victoria - March 10th - $25 - Cot - 111 Superior St

Duncan - March 13th - $20 - Collective Space -  166 Station St - without Cocao

Sooke - March 15th - $25 - Sooke Yoga - 6750 Sooke Rd #202 - without Cacao

salt spring - March 16th - $25 - Salt spring centre of yoga - 335 blackburn rd

Please register to

**stating your name & which show you'll be attending**

Etransfer and PayPal payment options available to above email

Please bring a cushion or mat for your comfort.. some avail on site

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