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Re•member•ing the Heart•h
   Didjeridu Sound Bath & Poetic Journeying 
         for the Root, Sacral, and Heart chakras

             November 23rd - Saltspring, BC
             November 24th - Victoria, BC
             November 29th - Portland, OR

The hearth is a dynamic altar where floor, fire, and mantel meet. Hearth is the temple ground of our own homes and hearts, as much about tending a physical fire as it is about tending to our souls.

“Re•member•ing the Heart•h” is an intimate communal experience hosted by Tanya Devine and Patrick Merle Sellin. Chakra-attuned didjeridus, sound bowls, sacred songs and poetry will lead participants back to their inward hearths in preparation for winter— gathering root medicines, stoking the sacral fire, oiling and polishing the heart lamp. 

Special guest host Lyndsey Lila of Salt Spring will offer her amazing Kundalini Dance Set, honouring the Heart•h through movement.

This event involves dynamic sound healing, individual and communal soul exploration, dance and space for deepening social connection at the end of the evening.

Energy Exchange: $33 offering for a healing experience including hosted earthen beverages (with love from Trail Brew PDX), live musical performance, guided meditations, chakra attunement and dance. 

Please be encouraged to bring:
-a comfy seat cushion
-a reusable drinking vessel
-a spirit receptive to refreshment
-your beautiful sober self

                          JUST THIS ONCE
                      by Patrick Merle Sellin

         this is not a dream you’ll dream again
       and someday death will whisk you away
               to wherever it is we came from

   all the stars conspired to make a home in you        
        and somehow sparked a fire that burns 
                  just like you, just this once

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