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Please join us for an afternoon, blending the powerful healing vibrations of the Medicine Herd and the equally powerful vibrations of authentic Australian Didjeridus for the Root, Sacral & Heart Chakras

We invite you to join Tanya Devine, Medicine Horse Woman Tina Barnes and of course the HERD for a unique opportunity to experience healing in an amplified energy field.​

Tanya Devine has offered her sound healing work along with the herd for several years now and always helps to create an inviting atmosphere conductive to profound shifts in energy state.

The healing which inevitably takes place is gentle and always perfectly timed for each individual in the group.

Tanya has been playing the Didjeridu since 2006 and after receiving visions and dreams from Uluru, she travelled to Northern Australia in 2011 to return a ceremonial Didjeridu to its original origins, she was gifted this ceremonial 2 serpent didjeridu back to her by the Blanasi family to carry it's medicine, stating it was her link to them.
The 432hz ceremonial instrument she was gifted back, holds a powerful presence of a male and female serpent and brings up deep earth energy with an ancient spirit that is felt by all who lay at the receiving end of its medicine.
In 2015 she returned to Australia and was gifted 2 more Didjeridu's, one for the Root and one for the Heart.
These 3 didjeridus played in sequence harmonizes a powerful vibrational shift through the energy of the water in your system

Tina has been with horses since 1956 and has had a life time involving many kinds of experiences with horses.
She has been self-employed in the horse industry since 1981 originally as an owner operator of a horse boarding and training facility.

In 1986 a move to a larger facility in Brantford, Ontario, Canada allowed her career with horses to develop further.
On this land she was able to begin a lifelong independent study of both semi feral and domestic horse herds which led to the development of a horse/human language she calls MareSpeak. This study has allowed her to understand the interactions between horses but more importantly has led to her study of the healing benefits of being in connection with the energy field of particular horses who are called Medicine Horses by North American First Nations and Native Americans.

Few horses are among this elite group.
Tina currently manage five.

Sunday, February 9th
1 - 3:30 pm
Thirteen Moons Farm
334 Walton Place
Stables/warehouse at the first driveway on the right

Cost- $80.00
Limited to a circle of 20 participants, preregistration accompanied with payment is required

Send Etransfer registration & payment to

Or to pay via PayPal visit:

~Wear warm comfortable clothing suitable for the outdoors as we will be outdoors and undercover
~Bring an unbreakable water bottle
​~Come fragrance free please
~Tea and a few snacks will be provided

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