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Relax into a Vibration of Sound for the Soul

A Sound Healing Journey for the Chakra System using musical meditations and affirmations from Root to Crown then embarking on Tanya's Mysical remix set from Crown to Root with live sound healing instruments accompanying around and over you, Australian Didjeridus, Singing Bowls, a Medicine Drum, A Steel Tongue Drum, Chimes and more..

Creating a safe deep space for you to dive into, through sound and ceremony. Allow yourself to be guided into the deep of space, of ocean, of fire and earth. Journey with the Stars, the jellyfish, the Eagles, the lava and the roots that connect us all~

Your system will feel physically and spiritually, re aligned, clear and in tune.

Allow your mind, body & Spirit to find rest & release

bring harmony to your nervous system

& open your heart

Sound Medicine is profoundly healing, rejuvanating and grounding.

Sound Journey through

the Chakra System

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