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Dance with

Sound Journey

Inviting you to a beautiful evening of vibrational healing

through Cacao, Dance &Sound

A journey up through the Chakras with Lila and back down the Chakras to Root with Tanya Devine, both bringing presence, awareness and deep connection to these energy centers.

We start the journey to honor our intentions and to commune with the Cacao Spirit.

Cacao together with Kundalini dance is a beautiful synergy that brings a deep awareness of the body and opens the heart.

Cacao has been used in Ceremony by ancient Mayan cultures for centuries as a way of communing with the divine. As we open up to the cacao through ceremony and intention, this infuses into our dance to show up where we want to open up to more love and bliss in our lives.

Kundalini Dance, is an ecstatic embodiment practice that works with breath, sound and movement and the map of the chakras to clear stagnant energy and raise our vibration to love. Lila will guide a journey from Root to Crown focusing on expanding through the heart to open up to Love, Joy and Freedom. A dance of connection to the self, each other and to the divine. To know ourselves as whole and deeply connected. A dance of coming home

About Lila:

A dance shaman, alchemical priestess and sound alchemist, Lila loves to provide spaces for inspiration, connection and remembrance. As a Kundalini Dance Facilitator and Dance Temple DJ & Facilitator she loves to uplift, inspire and hold space for transformation through deep journeys of breath, sound and movement. A trained Yoga instructor and multi faceted embodiment facilitator, she is passionate about sharing all kinds of movement forms with others. In her classes she brings a nurturing and playful spirit to engage and inspire others to connect with their own joy, passion and authentic selves. She feels blessed everyday to be able to share this path of ecstatic embodiment that has had such a transformational impact on her life.

About Tanya's Sound Journey~

Tanya will lead a Sound Healing Journey through the Chakra System from the Crown to the Root, using Australian Didjeridus, Singing Bowls, a Medicine Drum, A Steel Tongue Drum, Chimes, a Bull Roarer and a designed mystical remix to accompany the live instruments Tanya plays, creating a safe deep space for you to dive into through sound and ceremony.

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