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Kick off the summer and experience the Volcano Vibe 

with a full day retreat... 

Sacred Sound Journey, Cacao Ceremony 

& QiGong 

with Tanya Devine & Liz Pounders

Cost  - $100 for full day, 10Am - 8Pm

including lunch, dinner and evening Program

            $75 for daytime program, 10Am - 4:30Pm 

includes morning QiGong, Lunch &  Sound Journey


Evening activities include Relaxing with the pool, hot tub, and camaraderie of others by an evening fire with an evening session of QiGong with Liz


Space is limited - RSVP by April 30th with a 50% deposit to hold your spot!

Remainder due on or before May 15th


Sat June 1st 2019, Volcano, Ca 

Please send an email to

upon registration to receive address & more info


Volcano is 2 ½ hours from the Bay Area without traffic. It is a pleasant drive to do early on a Saturday morning, especially during Spring when the hills are green and the wildflowers sprinkle the country roads.


Tanya Devine offers a Sacred Sound Journey using multiple Australian Didjeridus, Singing Bowls, Medicine Drums, a Steel Tongue Drum, Chakra Bar Chimes, and a Bull Roarer to harmonize our vibration to its natural rhythms, dissipating any discord or disharmony throughout the body

creating a safe deep space for you to dive into, through sound and ceremony. 


Cacao together with Sound is a beautiful synergistic relationship that brings

a deep awareness of the body and opens the heart. 

Your system will feel physically and spiritually, re aligned, clear and in tune. 


Cacao Elixir:

Cacao, is a sacred plant medicine that is celebrated as the food of the gods and has been used in Shamanic ceremonies in Central and South America since ancient times. 
As we open up to the cacao through sound, ceremony and intention, this infuses into our journey to show and open up to where we want more love and bliss in our lives. 
Weaving in sacred sound frequencies we bring in presence and awareness to integrate this heart wisdom. 
Returning home to the temple of our heart, we remember ourselves as Love

One on One Sound Healings:

Tanya will be able to offer one on one sessions throughout the day to focus on specific areas that need care, to delve a little deeper than in the group sound healing, during breaks if desired and time permitting


Tanya carries Wise Words, and intuitive healings and is open to sharing safe space to release and further explore your peaceful tribal warrior 

Sacred Sound Journey, Cacao Ceremony & QiGong 

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