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Summer Solstice Celebration with Cacao, Movement, Breathwork and Sacred Sound in The beautiful Yurt in Ladysmith

Spring forward on your self care path and treat yourself to an Intentional Cacao Ceremony. We will let the cacao open our hearts and feel the medicine of movement with free style dance for 30 min.

Then lay down and concentrate on cleansing your body and mind with Conscious Connected Breathwork while enjoying live music with a specially designed mystical soundscape with talented sound healer Tanya Devine.

Professional Bodyworker, Reiki Master and Aletheia breathwork facilitator, Taiya Curle will be creating a safe and sacred space for us to experience Conscious Connected breathwork also known as Aletheia breathwork.


“Aletheia Breathwork is an opportunity to engage the incredibly clarifying power of your primary life force… breath. Aletheia is a Greek word meaning “Truth” and it refers to "the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident." Through your own breath and willingness, you reveal your Self - a revealing that can have profound impact on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.”

Trevor Yelich, Aletheia Breathwork Facilitator Trainer


As you lay down and connect your breath for one hour, Taiya and Nick will offer tools to help you stay present, to move energy and emotions. The will share positive affirmations, acupressure, Reiki energy healing and sound healing. They will also guide you to tone with your voice and move your body at times to open up more to your healing experience and not get lots in old thoughts or patterns.


Aletheia Breathwork will:

• Give you more energy

• Help detoxify, restore, balance and oxygenate the cells

• Resolve repressed emotions allowing the release of negativity

• Accelerate spiritual growth through expanded awareness”


Taiya Curle has been a professional bodyworker since 2000. She mainly works out of Victoria BC but also does a lot of Mobile massage sessions and Reiki workshops around Vancouver Island


She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Massage and Aletheia Breathwork facilitator. She creates a safe and sacred space for you to relax and surrender to deep healing experiences. More info on her web page


Tanya Devine offers a Sacred Sound Journey through the Breathwork practice using Australian Didjeridus, Singing Bowls, a Medicine Drum, a Steel Tongue Drum, Chimes, a Bull Roarer, and has designed a mystical remix to accompany her live instruments creating a safe deep space for you to dive into through sound and ceremony.


Tanya started offering Sound Baths during Breathwork Journeys with Trevor Yelich of Numa Somatics in 2013 and has since been working with various Breath Facilitators on a regular basis throughout the years.


The vibrations of the Didjeridu with Breathwork has a synergistic relationship, as your breath brings emotions to the surface the Didjeridu helps dissipate any discord and harmonizes your vibration back to its natural rhythms.

A powerful combination and one of Tanya's favorite collaborations

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