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Come join Breathwork Facilitators Jacquelina Divina & Nick Poeta with

Sound Healer Tanya Devine & Flute Player Feo Mongin for a deep exploration of diving into your Breath

with the accompinament of Live Vibrations to take you on a Musical Journey

Feel safe inside your own private journey during this surprising and powerful exploration

of other wordly states of being.

Experience these blissfully balancing altered states through a deep guided breathwork practice accompanied by the comforting yet activating sounds of live instruments to guide you through your journey. Instruments Include: Didjeridu, Bull Roarer, Medicine Drum, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Buthang Steel Tongue Drum & Flute

About Breathwork: "Aletheia Breathwork is an opportunity to engage the incredibly clarifying power of your primary life force… breath. Aletheia = "the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident." Through your own breath and willingness, you reveal your Self - a revealing that can have profound impact on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being." - Trevor Yelich, Aletheia Breathwork Facilitator Trainer

The breath will be your main guide and will take you deeply into yourself and other states,

the breath facilitators may offer words, acu pressure and other tools to assist breathers to stay connected with their breath and process the experiences they encounter along the journey.

A Conscious, Connected Breathing practice tends to:

• Give you more energy

• Help detoxify, restore, balance and oxygenate the cells

• Resolve repressed emotions allowing the release of negativity

• Accelerate spiritual growth through expanded aware

About Sound Medicine:

The sound medicine of Tanya Devine's Didjeridu, Drumming and Crystal Bowls along with Feo Mongin's Magical Flute helps to harmonize the energies being manifested through the breath and assist in clearing and often creating deep and profound experiences for the meditative, deep breathing listeners.

What Can Happen During A Session:

Let the vibrations and your breath uplift and guide new understandings and resolutions.

Sound and Breath Techniques guide you into flow with the innate intelligence in all things.

Come to learn and grow or simply to experience the joy and power of intentional breath and sound journey's.

Please know that this particular type of work may prompt deep exploration of one’s acquired life stresses and traumas

- and lead to their integration and resolution.

The resulting emotional processing can be strong for some people and is best engaged with a sense of humble respect.

What Should I Bring and Do I Need To Prepare?: Yoga mat, blanket, pillow/cushion, bottle of water, journal

In preparation for the event, please avoid eating at least one hour prior to arriving, be well rested, and avoid usage of any intoxicating substances 12 hours prior to the session.

Aletheia Breathwork

with Live Music

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